• Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help, support, advice, and most of all understanding.

    H, Parent of child with school refusal.

  • Diane has proven herself to be a professional and competent therapist during her time with us.  She is boundaried, can create a safe environment for the children and works in a professional manner.    Her real strength whilst working with us has been, not only supporting the child, but really engaging both parents and staff.   As a result they have been able to reflect on their relationships with the children and how they can better support them”.

    London Schools Counselling Service

  • I’ve been thinking about the way we played all week – it’s really helped me think about putting some changes in place – I feel more confident I can do this

    M, Adult Client

  • It’s true you know … you need space to play and playing gives you space to think – I play more now …

    E, 7 year old Client

  • It’s made me think about her vulnerable side and why she does this

    Teacher of 11 year old child with aggressive behaviour.